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Group Lessons

Pirisen Music Lessons

Learning’s more fun when there’s more than one! Group lessons foster a valuable learning atmosphere. Group instruction is effective in developing both performance and musicianship skills, as well as sharpening social skills.

Our Group lessons are limited to no more than 6 students per class, allowing for personalized attention to be given to each student. Each student will utilize their own instrument. 45 minute classes offer an ample amount of time for the group to grow accustomed to playing in an ensemble atmosphere. Students are motivated by their peers in the group space, fostering growth.

*Pricing is per student

Catering To All Skill Levels

Guitar Lesson_edited.jpg


Beginner lessons are uniquely tailored to the musical goals and interests of new students, while still maintaining a healthy focus on the fundamentals of music performance to foster the development of a well-rounded musician.

Electric Piano


Strive towards higher potential!

Our intermediate lessons are ideal for a wide range of students - from kids just wanting to give music a shot to adults interested in learning an instrument after dreaming about it for years.

Female Violinist


Our advanced lessons give students time to learn new material while not feeling rushed. A 45 minute lesson is great for students of all skill levels who want added time to work on technique or discuss theory with one of our professional instructors.


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