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Come play music with the whole family in our Early Childhood Program! Our weekly “Mom and Tot” classes for children ages 5 and younger are full of singing, dancing, instrument playing, and the joy of creative expression through music. As children explore the instruments and the music with their caregivers, they strengthen important social, linguistic, and kinesthetic skills -- and develop a lifelong love of music!


The classes provide a safe, welcoming environment for little ones to explore, play and have fun. We use tambourines, maracas, drums, kazoos, and enter the world of imagination with puppets, storybooks and a big parachute. 


Children will learn about the fundamentals of music, such as keeping a beat, loud and soft, high and low, up and down; and lay the groundwork for lifelong music learning. Children and grown-ups alike will leave with a tune in their heart, a smile and a bounce in their step. 


The classes have open-enrollment so you can join anytime during the year.


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Our Group Guitar classes are a great way to learn guitar while surrounded by peers! In this class, students will learn essential guitar skills at their own pace. Class sizes are limited to six students, so everyone get the individualized attention that they need. Once the foundational skills are built, students will have the opportunity to learn and perform in duets, trios, quartets and as a full ensemble!


The objective of the Group Piano Program is to introduce beginners to the instrument and to provide a group setting for students that prefer to learn with others instead of in a private lesson format. Our current Group Piano Class is available for our youngest students, but classes will be formed for our adult and senior students.


The classes are taught by our accomplished and dynamic teachers who have the ability to teach and encourage everyone in the class, regardless of their individual skill level. The classes are organized with open enrollment so new students can join at any time during the year. Students may remain the group class as long as desired or move to private lessons at any time too. 

Students engaged in our Group Piano Program will learn basic piano skills including: hand position, note reading, music vocabulary, rhythm, and music theory. All learning will be executed on digital pianos in our very own piano lab.  


We believe that anyone can be a rockstar! We are thrilled to provide students the opportunity to jam out alongside their peers. Not only will students receive individualized attention by the teacher, they will also receive instruction on how to play together as a group. 

Group Rock Band allows students to collaborate together in a safe environment and work on the key communication skills that are critical to playing with others. Learning to play with one's peers has many extraordinary benefits! It allows students to create new and lasting friendships and is a great exercise in working towards a common goal. At the end of the day, performing in a band develops a sense of ownership and accomplishment in each student. Instruments of all kinds are welcome in this ensemble! 


Learn to sing with others in perfect harmony! Our Voice Classes allow the student to work on his/her individual vocal skills while simultaneously working on singing together in a group. Students will learn how to listen to one another and make harmonious music together. The teachers work with the students to teach them how to hold their own, blend with each-other, and harmonize. Most of all, our teachers emphasize what a joyful experience singing together can be!


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